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I'm Dexter De Leon. Formerly a Teaching Assistant at General Assembly London for the Software Engineering Immersive course, and currently freelancing in full stack web development.

Working with software has been a hobby of mine for a long time, starting out with modding computer games and using software to edit videos or drawings. In the last couple of years, after learning some HTML and CSS online, I took up freelancing part-time in Front-End Web Development, with clients mostly consisting of small local businesses.

Wanting to be able to go into development full-time; I decided to take General Assembly's Web Development (now Software Engineering) Immersive course, where I learned how to create full-stack web apps, and became a much more confident developer.

Outside of code, I still enjoy editing videos and drawing in Photoshop as a hobby, as well as playing the guitar and singing. My love of taking on both logical and creative challenges is what really makes me want to pursue a career in development, where logical and creative endeavours can come together to create new and exciting things!

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A virtual monosynth and drum machine capable of creating simple songs

JamDex screenshot

The JamDex, an index of user-created jams, developed by Jam(es) and Dex(ter). Made using tone.js with React and a Python back-end serving a PostgreSQL database with Flask over 7 days. We created a user interface in React, based on a physical monosynth and drum-machine, which allows users to create short looped 'jams' with tone.js and save them to 'tapes' which are stored on the SQL database.
PLEASE NOTE: JamDex, in its current state, is not mobile-friendly.


A platform for connecting customers with creators of handmade furniture

Created. screenshot

A full-stack project built on the MERN (Mongo Express React Node) stack. Created is a platform for people who make furniture or home accessories, giving them somewhere to post their creations and connect with potential customers. Developed in a team of four over seven days, we learned how to work in tandem with git branches and github, developing a React web app and a RESTful API simultaneously.

Project CD

A music search and recommendation engine built in React.js

Project CD screenshot

A music search/recommendation engine built in React and using third-party APIs. Developed with a partner in a hackathon challenge at General Assembly on the Web Development Immersive course. We were given two days to make something using React, using any publicly available APIs we could get access to. This project makes use of the Musixmatch and APIs.


A JavaScript Game inspired by the classic Space Invaders

PewPewPew screenshot

A JavaScript game project inspired by Space Invaders. I was given 8 days to develop a simple game using HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery as my first project at General Assembly during my time in their Web Development Immersive course. I utilised HTML5 audio and CSS animations to make the game a bit more dynamic.

Cheeky Vape

An online store for vaping devices, refills and accessories

Cheeky Vape screenshot

A freelance project built on the Shopify platform using an existing theme with some customisations in CSS and Liquid(Ruby). The Shopify site is linked to a third-party POS system, Vend, for use in their physical store.

DB Living Ltd.

A website for a small business specialising in tax-returns for professional athletes

DB Living screenshot

A freelance project built with Wordpress using a theme with additional CSS. The site enables the business owners to host forms for customers to fill in regarding their tax returns, as well as the ability to collect customer payment via PayPal.